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Fitness Reimbursement

YMCA members in eligible plans with insurance companies listed below can receive up to $20 or up to $40 (couple) reimbursement per month by working out a set number of days each month. That’s more money in your pocket for staying healthy!

More information below.

Participating Insurances:



Sanford Pers






Initial Enrollment:

PDF Link to instructions: CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD



Check your reimbursement history:


Most up to date information in regards to insurance companies. Please note we only participate in insurances listed above.



BCBS/ND and SANFORD PERS members need to fill out new assessments/authorizations yearly. 

The links to where to find that information are below.

Sanford PERS- Lifescore assessment link:

BCBS/ND Authorization -  


Note: This page contains the most up to date information that we are aware of. If you have specific questions in regards to your reimbursement that are not included please contact your insurance company directly. 


Contact information if you have any questions:
Amanda Wimer


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