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LIVESTRONG® at the YMCA is a wellness program that builds strength, stamina & confidence for adult cancer survivors. This FREE 12-week program is designed for cancer survivors who have become de-conditioned or chronically fatigued from their disease and/or treatment. Contact McKaela at for more information.

Our powerful purpose: 

The mission of LIVESTRONG® at the YMCA is to empower adult cancer survivors to improve functional capacity & to increase their quality of life through an organized program of fitness & strength.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can youth participate in the program?
    • Currently LIVESTRONG® at the YMCA is an adults-only program (18 & up).
  • How physically strenuous is the program?
    • This program is tailored to each participant. Through a thorough intake, we will discover the safest place for you to start & how quickly you should progress. Your exercise prescription will be formatted to fit to your needs.
  • What if my doctor won’t release me?
    • You need to have permission from your doctor to participate in LIVESTRONG® at the YMCA. We are available to discuss any more detailed questions about the nature of the program with your healthcare provider.
  • What do I wear?
    • You do not need any special attire. You can wear whatever you feel comfortable in & that allows you ease of movement. Layers are suggested & you should wear a pair of supportive closed toed shoes.
  • What if I can’t finish program?
    • While we understand life is full of unexpected & unforeseen circumstances, we do ask that you commit to coming to 85% of the classes throughout the 12 week session. This is to ensure we are giving you the best possible toolset to continue after the program's completion. Multiple absences tend to prevent you from reaching your fullest potential. 
  • Do I have to go in a pool?
    • No. We offer a variety of exercise types to see what will work best with your personal interests & physical needs.
  • What if I have a friend who is a cancer survivor that wants to participate?
    • We are glad to talk to your friend & tell them about LIVESTRONG® at the YMCA to see if it’s a good fit for them as well. We always do a thorough intake as an introduction into the program to make sure that it is the right fit for each survivor.
  • Can I join a session late?
    • Generally it is not recommended that an individual join the group program after week one of the session.
  • What education do the instructors have?*
    • These are the pre-requisites to becoming an instructor. Many of our instructors have much further trainings than those listed below, including, but not limited to: Personal Trainer, Group Exercise Instructor, BS in Exercise Science, ACSM Certified Cancer Specialist, etc.
      • LIVESTRONG® at the YMCA Instructor Certification
      • Foundations of Group Exercise
      • Foundations of Strength & Conditioning
      • Healthy Lifestyles Principles
      • Listen First or Equivalent Active Listening Training
      • Working With Cancer 101
      • Lymphedema Training
      • Other……….. (i.e. team member in 6 month cohort, yoga certified, etc. these are dependent upon each instructor)
  • What happens if I get sick?
    • LIVESTRONG® at the YMCA instructors will check in with you at every session to see how you’re feeling and to determine what the right exercises are for you each day. Please communicate with your instructor to let them know how you’re feeling. It is okay to skip a session if you do not feel like participating a day.
  • Can I participate more than once?
    • If you cannot complete the program for some reason you are welcome to repeat the program when the time is appropriate for you. (Participants are generally allowed to repeat the program when they’ve had a recurrence.) Once you “graduate”, you are allowed to repeat the program at a fee of $60 for non-members, but free for members.
  • Is there childcare available?
    • Generally, yes. 8:15-1pm & 4:15-7:30pm.
  • Can I bring a caregiver?
    • Yes. Your caregiver can be a spouse, significant other, sibling, best friend, etc. Your caregiver can participate in their own workout during the session but they do not participate with the class. If the class does not fill up, the caregiver can be a part of the class regularly.
  • What happens after the 12 weeks?
    • During the program we will introduce you to many different exercise modalities & communities within the Y. We would love for you to become a member of the Y & continue your journey of wellness. Many of our participants serve as mentors for new survivors joining the program.
  • What is the cost?
    • The program if FREE for members & non-members.
  • What happens if I have to go out of town?
    • That is okay. We understand that you have other commitments. As long as you're hitting most (85%) of the classes.
  • Do I have to be a member of the Y?
    • No. But should you choose to join after program completion, we waive 100% of the joining fee for alumni.
  • Is it co-ed?
    • Yes. The ratio of males to females is dependent upon each session.
  • How many participants are in the program?
    • Generally, 8-12 survivors but class size may vary.
  • What will others think of me?  How will others react?
    • The YMCA supports all those seeking health, whether they are beginning or continuing their wellness journey. You will not only be welcomed by the staff of the YMCA but also members.
  • Is it a support group?
    • No, it is not set up as a support group; however you will receive support from each other by participating in the program.
  • What time does the class meet?
    • We offer a class at both the YMCA & Family Wellness in Mandan.
    • A calendar of sessions can be provided upon request.
  • Is there transportation available?
    • Generally, no. However we are happy to provide some options that other participants have used to attend.
  • What is the average age of participants in the program?
    • This is dependent upon each session. Generally, 40-60’s but each session varies.
  • Is my information confidential?
    • Yes. We follow HIPPA guidelines. Your information will be kept private & confidential.
  • How do I sign up?
    • Contact McKaela at or 701-751-9721.


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