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Small and Large Group Training 

Small and large group trainings are 4-6 week challenges to motivate you, push your fitness level, and add variety to your workouts. Small and large group trainings are scheduled throughout the year and will be posted to our website, Facebook page and throughout the Life Center. For more information contact LaShae Michels at 751-9720 or

Small Group


Get the focus and attention of personal training with the motivation and accountability of your social circle! The Y offers personalized group training sessions for parties of 4 to 8 people in our private PT studio. Schedule a series of 8 sessions for just $100 per person. Availability will be set around other currently running Y programs.


Experience a full body workout as we incorporate other equipment with our TRX sessions to help you improve your stamina and strength. This exciting class will challenge your stability, endurance and range of motion. Don’t miss this outstanding opportunity to help reach your goals of greatness!


Let Chris “The Hitman” Hugh get the sweat flyin’, your heart racin’ and the pounds droppin’ in this high intensity training course. This challenging and exciting four week program incorporates boxing, kickboxing, and MMA based movements to get you in the best shape of your life. Be part of this powerful experience!


This 4 week program is designed to boost your workout through the use of free weights, cables and more. A Certified Personal Trainer will teach you the fundamentals of lifting including form, technique and a variety of activities for each muscle group. Sessions are held in the private PT studio so you can feel safe, secure and confident!


Designed for ages 10-18, the emphasis of this class is sport-specific conditioning. Speed, agility, coordination, endurance and flexibility will put your child on the next level in their sport!

Large Group


Turbo charge your workout routine with this fun, intense large group training program! Join us for 12 sessions and get ready to get fit with an invigorating boot camp style training. For all fitness levels!


Experience an exciting session that will challenge your aerobic and anaerobic capacity and core strength with conditioning circuits, plyometric exercises and functional training. This focused group fitness opportunity will push individuals to find strengths and reach heights they never thought possible!


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