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Nurturing the potential of every child and teen

Youth Development Center (YDC)

Programs are based on our knowledge that children learn best through the firsthand sensory experiences of feeling, listening, smelling, tasting and observing. Children need to handle, manipulate, experiment and explore, but they also need and expect certain guidelines, rules and routine in order to feel safe and secure. It is our task as educators/caregivers to provide materials and experiences as well as the protective controls that each child needs for optimal learning.

YDC Activities

The activities at the YDC are carefully planned to:

  • Facilitate intellectual growth and the development of problem solving skills through manipulative games, puzzles and other learning tasks that help the child classify, label, and distinguish cause and effect.
  • Foster the child's imagination and appreciation through dramatic play, puppetry, art, music, and movement. The emphasis is always on creativity, not imitation.
  • Encourage physical coordination and the development of motor skills through a wide range of challenging play equipment.
  • Instill a love of literature and communication skills by providing a relaxed supportive atmosphere that encourages verbal expression through on-site story times, off-site library visits and summer school age reading programs.
  • Build an understanding of other cultures through sharing literature of other heritages, learning songs, and celebrating holidays of different cultures and ethnic groups.

Child Watch

Take full advantage of your membership by using our low-cost Child Watch service! Attend a group fitness class, swim, or take a walk with a friend while our experienced caregivers take care of your children. Read more about Child Watch.